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JHWO shall participate in the 16 days of activism against G.B.V at district , provincial and national level, please join us as we seek to raise awareness and eliminate G.B.V against women and children.

JHWO joins the rest of the continent in honoring those who participated in the Soweto Uprising in 1976.

Apart from providing logistical support to the event , the organisation shall also be showcasing a variety of things at their stand please stop by and say hello.

Join JHWO as it conducts Focus group Discussions in Lower Gweru wards 1 to 5, Gwanda 1 to 24.

The discussions will include strategies on how best to strengthen the Girl empowerment Movement and Boy Empowerment movement clubs also strengthening the Child Advisory Board so that child advocacy issues are taken to policy level while the org is advised on how best to implement child interventions.

JHWO will be conducting trainings in the following wards in Lower Gweru 1,2,3,4,5 and Gwanda wards 1 to 24.These activities seek to empower community structures to continue identifying and managing harmful norms that prohibit medical uptake, utilization and gender related issues that emanate from religious and cultural practices that affect women and girls and put them at risk to HIV and low literacy levels

  • Mobilizing Madigane community to build Mothers shelter.
  • Training PMTCT Champions, family members and children on health delivery.
  • Training youth on ASRH.
  • Formation of 2 supports groups.

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