moonlight screening


Key Activites

•IR1: improved access to high quality person centred TB , DRTB services- stakeholder sensitisation meetings, community dialogues, 

 CRG analysis, active case finding
•IR2:TB service delivery strengthened –lab & sputum transportation support, health centre committee trainings
•IR3:TB disease transmission and progression reduced- health awareness education , IEC for visibility awareness raising and demand 

generation, palliative care support.
•IR4:TB research & innovation accelerated with improved impact on program implementation- piloting M health app in Gweru district

 2.Tuberculosis in the Mining Sector (TIMS) Southern Africa Programme-Kwekwe and Sanyati

TIMS Objectives

To increase TB case finding among the key populations in the mining sector in Southern Africa

To increase the proportion of key populations on TB treatment that complete their treatment

To increase the proportion of key populations with TB that are tested for HIV and enrolled for ART

To increase access to information and education on TB prevention, care and treatment.

To improve accountability of key institutions addressing TB, silicosis and HIV in the mining sector