The Aim of the Project is to Increase the uptake of PMTCT and Immunization services among churches , communities and prisons through the elimination of midwifery home deliveries and capacitating midwives to become HIV/AIDS and pregnancy counsellors. The Project shall undertake the following initiatives

  1. Raise awareness of the new programme areas and sustain gains from previous PACF supported Healthy delivery project, maintain a continuum of care by reducing home deliveries from 14 % to 0 % by 2016, thereby increasing access to ANC.
  2. Equip girls and women with skills to address gender related issues on prevention of Mother To Child Transmission’s four pillars that hinder them from access to education and health services by 2016
  3. Empower community structures to identify and manage harmful norms that prohibit s medical uptake, utilization and gender related issues that emanate from religious and cultural practices that affect women and girls and put them at risk to HIV and low literacy levels by 2016
  4. Increase VCT awareness among pediatrics and Youth and strengthen menstrual hygiene management through the existing community groupings and schools by 2016.
  5. Nutritionally empower children, support groups , girls and women in congregate settings (Shurugwi Female Prison and Blue Hills Juvenile Centre) and communities through sustainable, low cost and low labour economic strengthening in order to access money to meet important family needs and increase their institutional and household resilience scores which are informed by the HVAs.
  6. Network, attend commemorations and provide good governance, progressively conduct monitoring and evaluation (M & E) on a regular basis and operational research.